Akureyri, Goðafoss waterfalls, Myvatn lake and the hot spring area

Day 4, May 15th, 2002

Day tour from Reykjavik by plane onto Akureyri and then by tourist bus to lake Myvatn, the geothermal fields, Godafoss waterfalls and the volcanic area featuring oddly shaped solidified lava artifacts.

Akureyri, Iceland Akureyri, Iceland
Akureyri, Iceland After a 50 minutes flight, I arrive in Akureyri, the picturesque "capital" of north Iceland, received its municipal charter in 1862. The fishing industry has long been the major source of livelihood for residents of the area, but in recent years various industries have also been established. Akureyri serves as the hub of business and services in northern Iceland, and its role as an educational center is important and growing.


Godafoss, Iceland Godafoss, Iceland
The tour starts with a visit to Goðafoss, some of the Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls.


Goðafoss, Iceland Goðafoss, Iceland

Goðafoss is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland and in Icelandic means "Waterfall of the Gods". It is created by Skjalfandafljot river which flows from its source some 180 km away, and lies directly over a lava field. Today the temperature is -3°C with low clouds, fog and light snow showers, which contributes to create a very nice and magic atmosphere. The waterfall's height varies between 9 and 17 meters and the width is about 100 meters.


After the waterfall, the river runs in a deep and narrow canyon.


Volcanic crater, Iceland Volcanic crater, Iceland
Lake Myvatn, Iceland Lake Myvatn, Iceland
The Myvatn lake, with the surrounding area, is a beautiful and interesting place to explore, filled of pseudo-craters, lava fields, explosion craters and hot springs. The lake measures about 40 square kilometers and has and average deepth of just 1-2 meters, no more than 4 meters at the deepest point.


Hot springs, Iceland Hot springs, Iceland
Hot springs, Iceland Geothermal activity, Iceland
Geothermal activity, Iceland Mud pot, Iceland
Hot spring area near the town of Reykjahlid. The air's temperature is holding at -4°C with strong winds from the north and snow showers. Instead, the temperature of the mud pots reachs about 200°C. The snow melts intantly on the ground, which is very colorful with a lot of sulphur patches.Click HERE for a videoof the mud pots (17.2 megabytes)


Geothermal activity, Iceland Geothermal activity, Iceland
Click HERE for a video of the fumarole (6.4 megabytes)


Lake Myvatn, Iceland Lake Myvatn, Iceland
Lake Myvatn, Iceland Altough the gray sky doesn't allow to see much of the colors, the landscape around Myvatn lake is very nice.


Far away, between the fog, an immense explosion crater appears.


Lava field, Iceland Lava field, Iceland
Shortly before heading back to Akureyri, we visit a lava field full of bizzarre-shaped natural sculptures.


Akureyri, Iceland Akureyri, Iceland
The tour ends with a walk in the center of Akureyri. Some 15,000 people live in the city, and the surrounding suburbs are growing rapidly.


Akureyri, Iceland
A cathedral in Akureyri and a nice tree in a garden.


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