Weekend to Copenhagen and pictures of Copenhagen
Copenhagen day tour

11-13 April 2007

Tour of Copenhagen with a visit to the picturesque Nyhavn, the botanical gardens which contains hundreds of rare plants from around the world, the summer residence of King Christian IV and the adjacent interesting museum.

Copenhagen botanical garden
Copenhagen botanical garden. My visit to Copenhagen starts from the beautiful and comperhensive botanical garden.


Copenhagen botanical garden Copenhagen botanical garden
Copenhagen botanical garden Stone gardens with many labelled plants.


Copenhagen botanical garden Copenhagen botanical garden
The huge greenhouses. People having special interests in visiting the greenhouses, must know that most of them are open only for a few hours per day and only on few days of the week. This is a pity, considering the many rare species that are contained inside.


Succulent plants Conophytum
Haworthia A greenhouse with succulent plants. Here, various species belonging to the families of Crassulaceae, Mesembryanthemaceae and Liliaceae. In particular, some Conophytum, Lithops, Hawortia and Crassula.


Euphorbia obesa v. monstruosa A greenhouse containing cacti, a collection of caudiciforms (above picture: a caudiciform accumulates water at the base of the trunk, which becomes huge if compared to the overall plant's size) and many Euphorbia (on the left, an Euphorbia obesa v. monstruosa). Most of these plants are rare and several are endangered in nature.


Viscum minimum
An Euphorbia affected by Viscum minimum. The Viscum minimum is a parassite growing inside the host, presenting small red fruits (as visible in the middle of the picture).


A greenhouse containing many orchids.


Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen
The Copenhagen day tour continues towards the Rosenborg Slot.


Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen
Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen The wide and beautiful gardens around the Rosenborg Slot in the heart of Copenhagen.


Rosenborg Slot museum
I visit the Rosenborg Slot museum inside, containing jewellery from the crown.


Rosenborg Slot museum
Other jewellery stil from the museum.


Rosenborg Slot museum
Some of the nice palace's rooms.


Copenhagen Copenhagen
Copenhagen Copenhagen
Pictures of Copenhagen. Hiking in central Copenhagen.


Ny Havn Ny Havn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn Nyhavn, Copenhagen
More Copenhagen pictures. A visit to the Ny Havn (or Nyhavn) cannot be missed when visiting Copenhagen.


Copenhagen opera theatre
The opera theatre in Copenhagen.


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