Dogsledge tour over Murchison sund in Thule region

21-22 April 2007

From the ghost town of Qeqertarsuaq we drive the dog sledges to the opposite side of Murchison sund, making a zig-zag between areas of thin sea ice. The following day, we continue our trip driving over Mac Cormick fjord, all the way to its end.

Fohen wind-generated clouds Dog sledge expedition in Greenland
We leave Qeqertarsuaq below nice Fohen wind-generated clouds, with the purpose of crossing Murchison sund all the way to the opposite side.


Dogs Dogs
Refuge in Greenland After driving at zig-zag because of areas of thin ice, we finally reach a refuge for our next night..


Icebergs trapped into frozen sea


Thule panorama, Greenland
I climb a small hill for a beautiful panoramic view over the frozen sea and the icebergs trapped in the middle.


Sleet Sleet
Suddenly, an heavy wind builds up, carring lots of snow away. The blowing snow gets much worse. In the picture, the dogs are buried into wind-carried snow.


Limit of open water in northen Greenland Limit of open water in northen Greenland
The following morning, bound for Mac Cormick fjord, we meet the open water limit again.


Dog team Dog team
The open water forces us to cross a dangerous passage at the foot on an hill.


Dog team, Greenland
Finally, we reach Mac Cormick Fiord, where we take a short break.


Dog team, Greenland
Soon after, we resume the drive onto sea ice again.


Glacier, Greenland
We cross the Mac Cormick fjord all the way to its end. Along the route, several glaciers ending into the fjord or dying along the mountains' sides can be observed.


Dogsledge over pack ice in Greenland


Refuge in Greenland Refuge in Greenland
Finally, we reach a refuge for the next night.


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