Excursions on Skuvoy and Sandoy in the Faroe islands

August 5th-6th, 2009

Skuvoy is a small island where there is only one village. Here, the people live mainly by agricolture. The island is interesting because of the beautiful landscape dominated by dramatic cliffs descending straight into the ocean, and for the many bird colonies. Short stop at Skopun on Sanody island before going back to Torshavn.

Koltur, Faroe islands Koltur, Faroe islands
Faroer The helicopter flight from Mykines to Skuvoy makes several intermediate stops. Top pictures are from the stop on Kultur island, inhabitated by only two farmers. On bottom pictures, the view after taking off from Torshavn.


Skuvoy - Faroer Skuvoy - Faroe Islands
The small community of Skuvoy on the island having the same name. After a lunch, I start to trek north to the bird cliffs.


Succisa pratensis
Euphrasia officinalis Some of the flowers from Faroe Islands that I've seen while hiking on Skuvoy..


Red mushrooms.


There are many skuas along the trail, they will not hesitate to attack you, if you come too close to the nest!


View over Sandoy from Skuvoy


Skuvoy Skuvoy - Faroe islands
I reach a small peninsula where the grass covers every part, up to the beach.


Skuvoy - dramatic bird cliffs
On the opposite side, impressive cliffs populated by many birds. On the edge of the cliff, my GPS shows an altitude of 128.7 meters above sea level.


Skuvoy - Faroer
Skuvoy - Faroer
Skuvoy - Faroer
Grass fields seems to be suspended halfway between the sea and the sky.


Sheeps - Faroe islands Sheeps - Faroe islands
Here the sheeps feed in a unique landscape contex.


Sheep Sheep



The weather changes quickly on the Faroe Islands and threatening clouds start to come from west.


So, I take some other pictures under the sun now gone, and re-trace my steps back to Skuvoy town.


Feeding sheeps


Skopun, Sandoy island Skopun, Sandoy island
The next day, going from Skuvoy to Torshavn by a combination of ferries and buses, I stop for a while in Skopun, on Sandoy island.


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