From Tasiilaq to Tiniteqilaaq navigating in the fjords of East Greenland

August 20th, 2009

In about three hours by motorboat, we reach the small community of Tinitequililaq in East Greenland, populated byt just 100 people. We set up our tented camp near the town, before doing an hike to meet local Inuit people and childrens.

East Greenland (Ammassalik) East Greenland (Ammassalik)
East Greenland (Ammassalik) East Greenland (Ammassalik)
East Greenland (Ammassalik) Glacier
Iceberg Going from Tasiilaq to Tinitequiilaq, we cross this beautiful fjord, where there are majesting mountains with hanging glaciers.


Cirque glacier Moraine
On the left: a cirque glacier. On the right: a moraine remaining after glacier retraction.


East Greenland East Greenland
East Greenland East Greenland
East Greenland East Greenland
Tiniteqiilaq Tiniteqiilaq
Tiniteqiilaq Tiniteqiilaq
Tiniteqiilaq Tiniteqiilaq
Tiniteqiilaq is a remote Inuit village populated by only about 100 people living only on hunting and fishing. The community can be reached from Tasiilaq by motorboat in summer, by dog sledge on winter and has an helipad for emergencies.


Greenlandic dog
Dogs eating a seal.


Greenlandic dog Greenlandic dog


Clothes are exposed to dry during a beautiful sunny day.


Drying fish Drying fish
Fishes are also left under the sun to dry.


East Greenland
Views on a fjord behind the town.


Greenlandic child Inuit child
Inuit child Children of Tiniteqilaaq.


Water reservoir
This is the town's water reservoir. At the beginning of the summer, an helicopter takes an iceberg from the sea, putting it inside the cistern. Once melted, it produces drinkable water for the town. There are no pipes bringing the water to the homes, but people comes here to fill bottles and recipients. During winter, drinkable water is made from the icebergs trapped into the frozen sea.


East Greenland East Greenland
The small dock in Tiniteqiilaq.


Seal hunt
An hunter comes back with a seal. Hunting is the only source of food for this small and remote community.


Seal meat
Everything is exposed to dry during a sunny day.


The small cemetery.


Iceberg Iceberg
Sermilik fjord Icebergs
Icebergs Iceberg
The Sermilik fjord, full of huge icebergs often having bizzarre shapes.


Small iceberg


Sermilik Fjord
Our tented camp near the town.


Fishing net
A fishing net exposed for maintenance.


Arctic cotton Arctic cotton
Arctic cotton growing over wettest areas.


Inuit hunters
Two hunters getting a seal.


Greenlandic childrens Inuit children
Inuit children Inuit children
Childerns from Tinitequiilaq coming to play with us at the camp.


Sermilik fjord
The day ends with this beautiful sunset over Sermilik fjord.


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