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Looking for adventurous travel to unusual destinations? Just browse below for travel reviews and travel photography !

Mandalay info Yangoon info Tour to Myanmar among thousands of temples <<--GO
Travel to Myanmar (Burma) discovering ancient temples, pagodas and monasteries housing thousands of Buddha statues laminated with real gold, where pilgrims gather together to pray. Excursion to Inle lake to learn more about the simple life of local people and to attend the exciting Phaung Daw Oo festival. Tours in Yangoon, Bago, Mandalay, Bagan and Golden Rock to learn more about this beautiful country.
Ethinc groups in Vietnam Terraced rice fields Travel to Vietnam among rice fields and ethinc groups <<--GO
Tour in northern Vietnam exploring the terraced rice fields on the mountains not far from border with China, among beautiful landscapes and traditional villages populated by ethinc minorities. Cruise to Halong bay visiting this famous place hosting thousands of limestone islands, before sightseeing in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.
Malta Gozo Malta trip review and Malta travel guide <<--GO
Although Malta is the smallest country of the European Union, the place in an impressive concentrate of history and culture, represented by former towns, countless churches and excellent museums covering various themes. But Malta, especially with Gozo and Comino islands, is also an excellent destination for tourists looking for some beautiful beach and picturesque seascapes.
Seal Sea ice Arctic expedition to the ice floe edge in Nunavut (Canada) <<--GO
The ice floe edge area, the place where the sea ice actually becomes the sea, is called also the "line of life", since most Arctic wildlife, such as narwhals, seals, walruses, polar bears and flocks of birds concentrate here, creating a unique opportunity for a real safari in the Arctic, among spectacular scenery and midnight sun. There is a strict "time window" for such expeditions and in this trip review you will find all the details.
Dracena cinnabari Sea in Socotra Travelogue from Socotra and Sana'a in Yemen - info & photos <<--GO
Tour to Socotra, a small island between Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, featuring endemic plants not found elsewhere in the world, like the Dracena cinnabari (dragon blood tree). Socotra is spectacular also for the landscape, often dominated by deserted beaches still not affected by mass tourism, or by emerald-green natural water pools on the bottom of several canyons. The itinerary includes a brief tour of Sana'a into Yemen's mainland.
Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim Las Vegas tour with day trips to Death Valley and Grand Canyon <<--GO
Tour to Las Vegas taking pictures of the themed hotels and casinos along the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). Excursion to the Hoover Dam and day trip to Death Valley in California by rented car. Full day trip to Grand Canyon by small aircraft and information about Grand Canyon flights.
Beautiful leopard Wldebeests migration Safari to Tanzania exploring Serengeti, Ngorongoro and more <<--GO
Safari in Tanzania to the national parks and the protected areas of the northern parts of the country, up to the border line with Kenya, where the Serengeti becomes the Masai Mara. During the trip we were lucky enough to enjoy the spectable of the wildeebests migration that included a river-crossing.
Baobab Alley Katta lemur Overland 4x4 trip to Madagascar into world's richest biodiversity <<--GO
Three weeks tour in Madagascar from Morondava to Fort Dauphin through the central plateau and the dusty tracks of the "deep south". An incredible journey into a unique nature and charming people showing with enthusiasm their way of life. Photos taken with my newest Nikon D7100 camera.
Angkor temples Angeline Jolie temple Trip to Cambodia from Angkor temples to Phnom Penh <<--GO
Journey to some of the world's most famous archeological sites belonging to the ancient Khmer empire, culminating in the old city and temples of Angkor where I've taken lot of pictures. Overland trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh exploring the interior parts of Cambodia.
Village in Southern Vietnam Floating market in Asia Tour to southern Vietnam along the delta of Mekong river <<--GO
Photos and travelogue from a trip in southern Vietnam from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to the countryside between the delta of Mekong river, exploring rural villages, floating markets and visiting small family run business living only on what the nature offers.
West Papua Sea squirt Liveaboard snorkeling cruise to Raja Ampat in Indonesia <<--GO
Included in the "Coral Triangle", Raja Ampat islands show one of the world's greatest biodiversity with different marine ecosystem, depending on currents and exposure. Spectacular underwater photos from Raja Ampat and fantastic landscapes that can be really appreciated only through a liveaboard cruise.
Botanical tour Flower tour Flower tour to Namaqualand and botanical trip to Richtersveld <<--GO
Flower tour to Namaqualand in late winter to admire millions of daisies and other flowers changing the landscape completely. Botanical expedition to the Richtersveld desert, searching for endemic succulent plants and odd geology. Excursion to Cape Town and to Cape Peninsula. Trip review and lot of photos.
Snorkeling with whales Kingdom of Tonga Swim with whales in Tonga: a snorkeling trip to South Pacific <<--GO
The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with humpback whales, observing these massive cetacean directly from inside the water. Lot of regular lagoon snorkeling and wonderful beaches complete this fantastic trip to the heart of the South Pacific ocean.
Ancient Petra Camels in Wadi Rum Tour to Jordan from Amman to Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum <<--GO
Trip to Jordan exploring the archaeological sites throughout the country, as the famous Nabataean city of Petra and the ancient ruins of Jerash. Hiking through the beautiful landscape of Jordan, like the Dead Sea and the Wadi Rum desert. Pictures and travelogue.
Niue island Swimming with whales Trip to Niue, an amazing little big island in the South Pacific <<-- GO
Travelogue about my trip to Niue, the world's largest raised coralline atoll, offering so much to discover and great fun while hiking the many trails, passing through tropical forest, caves and reef flats. Snorkeling is also fantastic and it can be done in the open ocean too, where tourist can swim with humpack whales and dolphins.
Giant Kauri tree Geothermal park Tour to New Zealand north island and day trips from Auckland <<-- GO
Trip review about the north island of New Zealand is interesting for the beautiful landscapes and the dramatic geothermal activity in several parts of the country. Auckland is the ideal base to explore the north island, even if you have only limited time, as short day tours can be easily taken to most of the attractions.
Midnight sun cruise Ilimanaq in Greenland Iceberg cruise under the midnight sun to Ilulissat in Greenland <<--GO
Travel photography in Greenland during summer solstice in Ilulissat (northern Greenland) to take pictures of the midnight sun and icebergs. Excursion to Eqi Sermia glacier showing the effects of the glacier retreat due to the global warming. Full trip travelogue and travel review.
Greenland Kangerlussuaq Short excursions in Kangerlussuaq before a connecting flight <<--GO
Short trip review about 4x4 excursions in Kangerlussuaq, while waiting for our connecting flight from Copenhagen to Ilulissat. Kangerlussuaq is surrounded by unspoilt nature, where you can meet muskoxen and hike over the arctic tundra. Tours to Greenland are really exciting, in any place and any season.
Copenhagen Nyhavn Billund Legoland Trip to Denmark: tour of Copenhagen and day trip to Legoland <<--GO
Excursions in Copenhagen to visit the various attractions like Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid Statue. Day tour to Legoland in Billund, documenting with lot of photos the famous theme park built entirely by Lego bricks.
Acid lakes in Dallol - Ethiopia Rock carved church - Ethiopia Trip to Ethiopia: the Danakil desert and the rock churches <<-- GO
Long journey through Ethiopia, beginning with an expedition to the Danakil depression and Erta Ale volcano, ending with a tour to the rock carved churches of Tigray region and Lalibela, during the Coptic Christmas. Further stops in Ethiopia most important markets and historic places, complete this unusual holiday.
Hippos Mountain Gorilla Safari to Uganda searching for the rare mountain gorilla <<-- GO
Safari tour to Uganda with game drives to Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks, before a trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, searching for the almost extinct mountain gorilla. More game drives to lake Mburo, searching for typical african wildlife, completes this trip to Uganda.
Kamchatka Active volcano in Kamchatka Kamchatka tour: trekking on the volcanoes <<-- GO
Travel to Kamchatka peninsula in Russia Far East to trek over volcanoes, in a landscape made of solidified lava fields, geysers, fumaroles and volcanic crates, but also dominated by pristine lush forests where wildlife abounds. The travelogue and the pictures show an unusual landscape unique in the world.
Dogon dance mask in Mali Djenne mosque Tour to Mali: trip from Niger river to Dogon country <<-- GO
Tour to Mali in western Africa, discovering the cities along the Niger river and its confluent, like Segou, Djenne and Mopti, before visiting the Dogon country on the Bandiagara cliff. Here people still live on unique traditional culture and build beautiful oddly shaped buildings, almost entirely made of dried mud.
Pyramid and Sphynx in Egypt Ancient Egypt painting Egypt travel photography: Lake Nasser and Nile river cruise <<-- GO
Travel photography in Egypt. After a tour of Cairo and the pyramids of Giza, a cruise on lake Nasser follows, from Abu Simbel to Aswan, before a further cruise on Nile river, from Aswan to Luxor. Daily excursions to temples, necropolis and other archaeological ruins throughout Egypt.
East Greenland Greenland Icecap Travel to Ammassalik in East Greenland - photos and trip review <<-- GO
Tour to Ammassalik region in East Greenland by a small chartered boat, navigating into fjords full of icebergs, where majestic glaciers ends into. Trek over East Greenland mountains and onto Greenland inland ice (icecap). Lot of pictures taken into the wild and full travelogue about this remote destination.
Rhodes island - Greece Lindos - Greece Trip review of a relaxing vacation to Rhodes island, Greece <<-- GO
Rhodes island is the biggest of Dodecanese archipelago in Greece and is a popular vacation destination for families and singles. We have chosen Rhodes island for this summer trip, because of varying landscape and attractions, from beautiful sandy beaches, to mountains and ancient towns rich of culture.
Faroe islands Puffin Island hopping in North Atlantic: tour to the Faroe islands <<-- GO
Trip to the Faer Oer islands, visiting Mykines, Skuvoy, Suduroy, Sandoy, Nolsoy, Stremoy and Eysturoy, traveling by helicopter, ferry and buses, in search of extreme landscapes and birds. Travel photography in the Faroe Islands and full trip review.
Monitor lizard, Borneo Lankayan island, Malaysia Malaysia borneo tour and snorkeling to Lankayan island <<-- GO
Journey through the borneo rainforest in Malaysia, discovering exciting wildlife like the endemic proboscis monkey, followed by a week of relax and snorkeling to the tiny coralline atoll of Lankayan island in Sulu sea. Lot of pictures, including underwater pictures from Lankayan.
Snares crested penguin, New Zealand King penguins, Macquarie island Subantarctic islands of Australia & New Zealand cruise <<-- GO
A short trip in New Zealand is followed by an expedition cruise to the subantarctic island of Australia and New Zealand, including Macquarie island, a wildlife paradise populated by millions of penguins and other birds. All is documented with details travelogue and tons of photos.
Sahara desert, Libya Sand dunes in Sahara desert Trip review of an expedition into Sahara desert in Libya <<-- GO
Tour in a 4x4 with overnights in tents, in the central Sahara desert in Libya. The itinerary follows the rocky Acacus region and the Ubari oasis with its amazing sand dunes, lakes and palm trees. Short trip to ancient Leptis Magna to take additional pictures of the country.
Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway Throndheim, Norway Tour to Norway, from Sognefjord to Lofoten islands <<-- GO
Voyage to Norway, visiting the most beautiful fjords, the Lofoten islands and the most picturesque cities and towns along the coast. Travel by airplane, train, rented car and cruise ship.
Dog sledding in Greenland Qaanaaq (Thule), Greenland Dogsledge tour in Thule (Qaanaaq) - northern Greenland <<-- GO
Dogsledding in one of the world's northernmost inhabitated place known as Thule region, over frozen fjords, glaciers, and between majestic icebergs with professional Inuit hunters. Tour of Qaanaaq in northern Greenland, with full travelogue and lot of photos.
Snowfall Dog sled Winter trip to Ilulissat by dog sled in Greenland <<--GO
Trip review from a tour in Greenland to Ilulissat and beyond by a team of greenlandic dogs and an experienced Inuit hunter. Dog sled excursions over glaciers, frozen fjords and virgin arctic snow.
Yakutia (Sakha), Siberia Yakutia (Sakha), Siberia Travel to Siberia, to the Pole of Cold: living at -50°C <<-- GO
Photos from an expedition in Yakutia (Siberia) to the Pole of Cold, following a route from Yakutsk to Oymyakon, via Tyoply Klyuch, Tomtor, Ust-Nera and other villages. The itinerary includes a stop in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Moscow.
Rockhopper penguin, Falkland Islands Penguins in the Falkland Islands Trip to Falkland Islands and Patagonia (penguins, glaciers) <<-- GO
Two weeks in the wildlife's paradise of the Falkland Islands, between colonies of penguins, albatrosses, cormorants and many other birds, as well as elephant seals. Trips extension in chilean and Argentinean patagonia. These very special and unknown places are documented with hundreds of photos.
Lions in Botswana Chobe National Park, Botswana Botswana safari : from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls <<-- GO
Safari trip from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, through Botswana, visiting the most beautiful spots for best wildlife viewing, as Magkadigkadi Pans, Okavango delta, Chobe National Park, Moremi reserve and Savute.
Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet Terracotta warriors, Xian, China Tour to China and Tibet from Beijing to Lhasa and Shanghai <<-- GO
From the Great Wall, to the Tibetan Monasteries; from the rice fields of the southeast, to the vibrant city of Shanghai. Trip review focusing on a three weeks tour across China and Tibet, discovering the many aspects of this immense Country. All is documented with lot of pictures and details that include Tibet photography information.
Nuptse, Everst, Lhotse from Kala Pattar, Nepal Trekking to Gokyo lakes, Nepal Photography in Nepal: trekking to Everest base camp & Gokyo <<-- GO
A three weeks, lodge-based trekking to Everest and Gokyo, during the cold, but crisper and less crowded Himalayan winter. Tour of Kathmandu and the monasteries along the route. Hundreds of photos and full travelogue to describe this fantastic trip, easily one of the best I have ever had.
Cotopaxi volcano from Quito, Ecuador Monkey in Amazon rainforest, Ecuador Ecuador: travel to amazon rainforest and volcanoes <<-- GO
Travel review from a week at Sacha Lodge, in the heart of Amazon rainforest, will let to fully enjoy and appreciate the incredible biodiversity of this sensitive area of the planet. Tour of the mountains and villages around the UNESCO city of Quito is included.
Cruise to Antarctica King penguins in South Georgia Cruise to Antarctica, on the Shackleton's footsteps <<-- GO
A cruise on the Russian ship Professor Molchanov, from Ushuaia via Drake Passage, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland islands: a wildlife's paradise on the footsteps of the famous explorer. South Georgia is probably the world's most beautiful place and you will find here lot of pictures and travelogue.
Edmonton Canada Toronto Canada Tour to Canada: Ottawa,Montreal,Quebec,Toronto,Edmonton <<-- GO
Most of my trips to Canada are focused to remote Arctic regions, however, in order to get up there it is usually necessary to transit via Ottawa or Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. So, I got each time an opportunity to visit these beautiful cities in Canada, hiking among modern citiscapes and visiting interesting museums.
Kayak on Ellesmere island, Nunavut, Canada Camping on Ellesmere island, Nunavut, Canada Northwest Passage, Canada : kayak trip to Nunavut <<-- GO
After a short visit of the Canada's southernmost cities, a 14 days kayak and hiking trip in the high arctic, on Ellesmere island, follows. This is my most adventurous trip than ever, for its length and remoteness, in an almost completely unknown place of the world.
Thudufushi Island Resort, Maldives Clown fish, Maldives Vacation to Maldives : Thudufushi island review on Ari atoll <<-- GO
One week in the Ari atoll (Maldives), snorkeling and scuba-diving in the paradise of Thudufushi and on the nearby deserted islands. Underwater pictures taken around the beautiful reef rich of life. A Maldives travel guide is included in the review.
Laguna Verde, Bolivia Machu Picchu, Peru Travel review to the Andes of Chile, Bolivia and Peru' <<-- GO
An intense 3 weeks itinerary documented with lot of photos, crossing the Andes from northern Chile, to Bolivia and Perù, between deserts, salt flats, beautiful colonial cities, Inca ruins and peeks often exceeding 5000 meters above sea level. Photography in South America.
La Digue, Seychelles Bird Island, Seychelles Vacation to Seychelles in Alphonse, Bird, Praslin, La Digue <<-- GO
Excursions and snorkeling on the islands of Alphonse, La Digue, Praslin and Bird, searching for secluded beaches, natural lagoons, exotic plants, birds, turtles and other wildlife. Day trips to the smaller islands by boat.
Alhambra, Granada, Spain Andalucia, Spain Tour to Granada, Spain, Andalucia region <<-- GO
Sightseeing in Granada and the countryside, one of the most interesting destination in Europe, declared by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site. Day tour to Alhambra, documented with pictures and information about the site.
Venetian Hotel Casino, Las Vegas Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA Trip to Las Vegas and beyond <<-- GO
Short trips reviews in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in conjunction with the Comdex Fall computer show, where I've been every year from 1996 to 2002 for business purposes.
Autumn in Vermont, USA Polar bear in Churchill, Canada Foliage in Vermont (USA), polar bears in Churchill (Canada) <<-- GO
Photos from the State of Vermont, Northeast USA, during the peak of the foliage season. Polar Bear safari tour in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada on the Hudson Bay. Half day trip to Boston and Chicago.
Geyser near Reykjavik, Iceland Westmann islands, Iceland Travel review of Iceland, from volcanoes to glaciers <<-- GO
Day trips by airplane, bus, super jeep, snow coach and on foot over the land of Fire and Ice, staying in Reykjavik as "base" for daily excursions throughout this beautiful country.
Glaciers in Greenland near Ilulissat Trekking on Greenland icecap Summer trekking to Ilulissat in Greenland - trip review <<-- GO
Photos fromGreenland taken during an extensive trekking on the tundra and on the ice cap near the town of Ilulissat, on the west coast of Greenland, two hundreds miles north of the Arctic Circle. Wonderful nature and immense spaces.
Northen lights, Svalbard Winter twilight in Svalbard Svalbard islands tour at the end of the polar night <<-- GO
Waiting for the returning sun after the long polar night, a beautiful event documented with lot of pictures. One vacation to Svalbard is never enough, so, after the first trip in 1999, I've decided to return two years later to experience different light conditions.
Athens, Greece Athens, Greece Short trip to Athens <<-- GO
Very short trip in Athens, Greece, documented with just three pictures taken during a business trip.
Snowscooter, Svalbard Tempelfjord glacier, Svalbard Svalbard islands trip by snowscooter (snowmobile) <<-- GO
A long excursion on the ice by snowmobile, driving over the natural highways made of immense glaciers, frozen fjords and pack ice. The snowmobile is ideal to explore Svalbard and take pictures of the frozen landscape just before the spring arrives.
Brown bear in Katmai National Park, Alaska Eskimo dances, Barrow, Alaska, USA Alaska tour at summer solstice from Juneau to Barrow <<-- GO
From the forests of the southeast to the arctic tundra. Bears, Whales, glaciers, rain forests, Eskimo dances, and remote towns. This is Alaska, an immense country having so much to offer. All the destinations are documented with lot of old pictures and general info.
An Hawaiian beach Waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii Vacation to Hawaii - beaches and volcanoes <<-- GO
Various day trips by air and car on the islands of Ohau, Kauai, Maui, Lanai, Hawaii (The Big Island), discovering volcanoes and dense vegetation. All the photos were taken with a basic film camera in 1997.
Manhattan, New York Bellagio hotel and casino, Las Vegas, Nevada Vacation to New York and Las Vegas <<-- GO
New York City, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, day trip by scenic airline to Grand Canyon. Pictures taken with just a disposable camera and by capturing frames from VHS movies. These were really my first trips taken with old and basic equipment.
Monument Valley, Arizona Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA USA Southwest trip : California - Arizona - Utah - Nevada <<-- GO
A long trip from Los Angeles to Los Angeles by car, crossing deserts and mountains of California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. All the pictures are captured from a Kodak Photo CD, scanning the original slides.


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Lucca, Tuscany, Italy Venice, Italy Pictures from Italy, my home country - Italy travel information <<-- GO
Web pages dedicated to trips in Italy, my home country, covering multiple destinations and providing hundreds of pictures as well as detailed information for each destination. BTW should you need airport transfers in Italy or other countries, please check Click Airport Transfer web site.

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